Considering Squarespace For Your Website Design?

Squarespace is probably one of the oldest website building platforms on the Internet that has been around for almost 20 years. People still use it after so many years because it gives web designers an easy to use interface and all the latest tools and features at a pretty reasonable rate. So if you are thinking of creating a website in the near future, but you are unable to decide about a good website building platform; here are some observations on Squarespace designer platform that will help you in choosing a good option for your website.

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Option to choose a variety of plans... Although Squarespace doesn't offer the option of a free account for its users, but there is a free trial period option of 2 weeks, that one could use to see whether the plan is worth purchasing or not. A good thing about all the plans offered at Squarespace is that they provide infinite data storage and transfer, image editing option and e-commerce ability to users. 
A great user Interface...Squarespace gives its users the possibility to select their most suitable designs from a wide range of templates. Once the template is picked by the user, then it becomes possible to customize everything according to specific needs. A great user interface allows adding of new types of pages, make adjustments to the navigation of site and also make alterations to the style, if needed.
Ease of handling Blogging and E-Commerce sites...Blogging and e-commerce sites can be handled with great ease on squarespace designer platform. Even if multiple blog posts need to be created at once, Squarespace gives users the option of saving them and scheduling them for posting one at a time. With Squarespace e-commerce websites, one could sell a countless number of items without any hassles. 
Ability to tackle Marketing and Analytics with ease...Squarespace makes it easier for users to integrate their websites with Facebook and also tag Instagram posts, so that more and more viewers could visit and increase the site traffic. Moreover, since Analytics is included with Squarespace in all its plans, it becomes quite easy to keep an eye on the traffic coming to the site. Users also have the convenience of viewing popular search keywords and the click-through rates as well, which help in improving the website and bringing in more potential customers.
Enjoy minimum downtime and great Customer Support...Squarespace offers 24x7 email support and live chat support during the day. Moreover, the Squarespace servers that host the users' sites are known to have a very minimal downtime, which allows sites designed on Squarespace to stay open for the visitors all the time. 
Looking at all the benefits associated with Squarespace and the features and tools that are packed in all its plans, choosing Squarespace to design your website might not be bad idea at all. And if you have not tried Squarespace before, then it might be a great idea to explore the benefits you could derive with it.